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Articles : Business Planning
Large companies use internal experts and consultants to ensure important issues are addressed. For financial matters a CFO, controller, VP finance, audit department, and outside accounting firm are utilized. For legal and risk issues, larger companies use in house counsel, risk management department, human resources, and a retained law firm. In addition to experts, an outside board of directors, comprised of seasoned leaders of other businesses, offer guidance and stewardship.

A private business is often the foundation of family wealth. Private family businesses generally do not employ the layers of experts available to large companies. With so much riding on the knowledge of family members who wear multiple hats, WPG serves as a consulting and advisory resource suited to the dynamics of private companies.

Business owners are often focused on the day to day responsibilities of operating the business, and planning may not be addressed until a catalyst such as a health problem, divorce, or dispute occurs. After an event has occurred, fewer favorable options are available.
Business Succession Considerations
Incapacity or death of senior owner/management would have what impact on the future of the business? Would the key employees stay on? What is the estate tax implication on the business to the surviving heirs? How does one deal with various heirs of differing skills and needs? Who will operate the business? Can multiple heirs, each with a minority ownership, cooperate?
House rich, but cash poor?
For many senior homeowners, the prospect of living a longer life only gets better with each new advancement in medicine. But these medical "miracles" don't come cheap, and the rising costs of institutional health care exceed even the most aggressive inflation estimates.  More »
Business Succession Within The Family
Many of America's business successes are the result of hardworking-dedicated families who devote extraordinary effort and energy toward their owned and operated company.
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Restrictive Covenants and Key Employees
Balancing the employer need for restrictive employment contracts with employee rights and enforceability.  Oftentimes family owned businesses will rely heavily on employees and managers to deliver client services in such a way as to develop loyalty and continued patronage.  More »
How Being At Fault While Not Financially Responsible Works
While sitting at a traffic light waiting for the green light, you are slammed from the rear by a drunk driver who never saw you and didn't even attempt to stop. Clearly, you are an innocent victim with no fault in the accident.

Impact of Litigation on Small Business
Most companies used business assets to pay the damages. However, in the case of employee complaints, insurance covered some of the damages.  Owners mentioned that the payment of damages nearly put them out of business, which affected them for a long period of time as they worked to rebuild the business and recoup their losses.